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Anthony Vega Solo Exhibition

Anthony Vega is a visual artist, educator and curator in the Philadelphia area. Originally from the rural town of Green Creek, New Jersey he has spent the last twelve years pursuing his artistic career. Anthony is represented by Comenoz Gallery in South Florida and was represented by LG Tripp Gallery in Philadelphia.  His undergraduate work was completed at Saint Joseph's University where he studied fine art and philosophy. His Master of Fine Arts degree was received from the University of Delaware.

He is currently adjunct faculty at the University of Delaware, teaching studio courses, contemporary art theory and media studies as well as adjunct faculty at Penn State Brandywine teaching drawing and painting courses. He exhibits his work in galleries, museums and other venues regionally and nationally.

Anthony was also the director of the University of Delaware Philadelphia gallery, UD@Crane in the Crane Arts building.

Anthony's current practice rests on his fascination of language, meaning and image. These interests are explored through the use of web based images, color and layering, but specifically through the exploration of how interpretations and connections are made both personally and socially.

Trying to Touch Clouds

Every day we see thousands of pictures, we judge thousands of things, we connect, but in the digital age are we closer or further away from understanding ourselves and the world we live? Artist Antony Vega is trying to make sense of our cultural and social landscape, by turning clouds to pixels, painting parking lots and trying to make hashtags “real” again.

Opening Reception: March 2nd 5:30 to 9:00 pm.